THE PLOT THINS is a 15"x20" poster book of highly summarized narratives. 
Each simplified story consists of two words, ideally which possess some of the same letters. The book's system is simple: fill the space with the type, have the name of the popular book/movie at the bottom upside-down in the bottom corner, and allow the movie's main colors/characters determine the colors used. This allowed for the breaking of the system every once in a while in order to communicate Titanic, Sleeping Beauty, or Forrest Gump.

Narratives in the order they appear:     
Titanic, Finding Nemo.     Marley and Me, Jaws.     Saving Private Ryan, Gravity.     
Frosty the Snowman, Frankenstein.     Bee Movie, Mean Girls.     Murder on the Orient Express, Sleeping Beauty.     
The Lion King, Ghostbusters.     The Exorcist, Ratatouille.     Monster's Inc, The Princess and the Frog.     
The Birds, Forrest Gump.     Inception, Jurassic Park.     Sixteen Candles, The Shining.     
Shrek, The Fox and the Hound.     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Little Mermaid.