"Squiggle" is a series of 5 passport-sized booklets created to educate women and young girls about their vaginas: what's normal about appearance, discharge, infections to look out for, and how to approach masturbation (with or without sex toys). It's meant to encourage comfort and confidence in an area women are often pressured to feel ashamed of, as well as to encourage a healthy sex life and self-image.
The name "Squiggle" comes from the variations in cover icon for each booklet, which are representative of all the different shapes women may see in their own vaginas. As squiggles can be endlessly different, this system allows for future booklets to be added to the series.
The imagery used is also continuously ripe: fruit dots the pages so as not to make them too monotonous or graphic, but to provide a sweet, juicy innuendo.
The Anatomy Edition responds to the insecurity of women about the appearance of their vaginas.
The Discharge Edition reacts to women's' tendencies to feel shame about odor and discharge.
The Infection Edition a simplified guide to common infections: what to look for, prevention, and treatment.
The Masturbation Edition provides a quick wink at the benefits and basic how-to's of female masturbation.
The Masturbation With Sex Toys Edition attempts to shake some of the taboos surrounding sex toys.