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Give Us Our Flowers

In an effort to expand the narrative around Pride and push back on well-trod stereotypes, a range of LGBTQ2IA+ voices at BUCK partnered to create “Give Us Our Flowers: A Global Archive of Queer POC Rebels.”

With a focus on highlighting revolutionary, but often-forgotten, Queer POC, “Give Us Our Flowers” explores their struggles while celebrating the strength they summoned to fight for their rights.

Printed in collaboration with Secret Riso Club, each of our 26 spotlights features a custom illustration and biography. Secret Riso Club is an anti-capitalist design studio that focuses on intersectional social justice, design, and community building. 100% of proceeds are given to The Stonewall Protests, The Triangle Project, and The Black Trans Art & Joy Fund.

This project was concepted, researched, written, designed, produced, and printed entirely by members of the LGBTQ2IA+. The majority of illustrators were also a part of the community, with a few allies included. Thank you to the whole team, especially to Ayla, Vero, Asia, Kevin, and Kim.

For full credits and more information, further documentation.